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Hired Four Teachers Assistants.

Friends of South Pointe 501 (c) 3


FOSPE is an independent, nonprofit corporation which raises funds for staff retention at South Pointe Elementary School (SPE). FOSPE is our defense against school budget cuts and ensures that we retain our critical support personnel so that we preserve SPE’s long-standing academic excellence.

Although we see ourselves as a spin-off of the SPE PTA, we are not subject to the rules and regulations of the PTA and its mother organization, the national PTA/PTSA. Our SPE PTA continues fund our children’s programs and FOSPE raises funds for staff retention. Together, both organizations work on their very different missions with a single objective: the continuing betterment of South Pointe Elementary.

In the 2009/2010 school year, FOSPE’s first year in operation, teacher assistants and custodian positions were eliminated. Through FOSPE, these positions were SAVED and retained! Note that FOSPE only pays for the salaries of these professionals. All the hiring and managing of all personnel will continue to be in the hands of our very capable school administration.

FOSPE board members are ALL volunteers. Funds raised go directly to our school.

If you would like to help South Pointe Elementary School maintain its excellent academic standing, please make a pledge donation today. Together we make a difference!